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Nano Tester Kit
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Nano Tester Kit

  • Order before 17:00, delivered Tuesday
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3 testers of 250 ml

  • 1x Nano All-purpose cleaner
  • 1x Nano Glass cleaner
  • 1x Nano Solar Panel cleaner

Looking for solutions for all types of cleaning? Then discover the Nano Tester Kit! This golden trio consists of a set of 3 bottles of 250 ml: the Nano Solar Panel Cleaner, Nano Glass Cleaner and the Nano All-Purpose Cleaner. You can dilute the 3 Nano products 1 in 50 and even 1 in 100, depending on the contamination. Economical, affordable, fresh and super efficient!

All-purpose cleaner

The Nano all-purpose cleaner is your ideal partner for all types of cleaning jobs! You can really use this degreaser for everything. The Nano all-purpose cleaner not only has a cleaning effect, but also leaves behind a pleasant fresh citrus scent.

Glass cleaner

The Nano glass cleaner is an alcohol-based cleaning product for glass and windows. The big advantage of alcohol is that your windows dry faster and without leaving streaks. So no soap residue is left on your windows, unlike soap-based cleaners. The Nano glass cleaner can be used on all types of glass and mirrors.

Solar panel cleaner

Need a solar panel cleaner to thoroughly clean your solar panels? Our Nano solar panel cleaner is the ideal solution for cleaning solar panels quickly and effectively! The Nano formula allows all the dirt on your solar panels to disappear without any problems, so that the efficiency of your installation increases again. Especially for stubborn dirt (bird droppings, green deposits,..) the Nano solar panel cleaner is very efficient!

Tip! Combine the Nano cleaners with one of our telescopic poles to clean in height. Using a soap dispenser, mix the Nano cleaner of your choice with the water that runs through your telescopic pole.

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